How to become a vendor

Have some parts to sell?    Here is how to get started. 

1.  Read the terms and conditions for using the site.   Please review them all, but make special note of the percentage commission and fee, and the requirement to not sell anything that competes with products we sell in our main store.  If you are not sure or if it is a gray area, just ask.

2.  Sellers assume responsibility for shipping the orders directly to buyers, including the related costs.

3.  Sign up as a vendor ( red button below) and walk through the steps to create to your store.  Even if you have one item, you must register a vendor.   It is easy and takes a few minutes.  Then add your item or items for sale.   When you make a sale, you will be notified by email to ship the item.   

4. Sellers set their own shipping rates and are responsible for all shipping costs.   We recommend vendors use a site like for discounted shipping labels. 

5.  Be sure when you create your store that you follow through with the payment section or we will not be able to send your payment to you. 

If you have any questions, or suggestions for categories, let us know!